Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans

We offer the very best commercial loans in the UK. If you would like to find out more about the rates, etc. please speak to us direct.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

There are a range of loans available to you including commercial bridge loans. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please complete our contact form.

Commercial Business Loans

Commercial Business Loans

With the help of our team you can find a range of commercial business loans. We provide expert advice and information on loans, so please contact us for more info.

Commercial Loans

Not everyone has all the capital they need available to be able to make serious business purchases – which is why commercial loans are still so sought-after from new firms to seasoned brands. 

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It’s unlikely you will have the money available to purchase a building outright in your first or even third year of business – which is why it is always a fantastic idea to start considering speaking to local experts in your region or surrounding areas who will be able to help you find the most practical and effective financial lending strategy moving forwards.

We understand that no two business needs are ever quite the same, which is why we are all the more proud to offer an open, honest approach to loan arrangements and financial discussions with each and every one of our clients. 

Understanding which loan arrangements work for you will merely require a short consultation or two – and as your closest nearby allies in financing, we will be able to help you hunt down that perfect financing plan to benefit your business’ growth and your customers’ needs moving forwards.

Commercial Bridge Loans

Need to make a big purchase in the near future but don’t have the capital available?  Need to secure a bid or payment now?  Commercial bridge loans are a great way for you to effectively seal in a deal without having to worry about having full deposit or capital right away. 

"If you are in need of commercial loans, we would highly recommend using, we are so happy with the result!"

Why not think about invoice factoring too? This can help you when looking into financing for your business.

These loan options are particularly worthwhile looking into if you are set to buy assets such as buildings at an auction – where you will most likely need to pay a deposit or opening bid up front – and where you will therefore need to clear the balance at a later date. 

If you can’t afford the balance, don’t worry – a bridging loan will, as the name suggests, bridge the gap for you so that you can feasibly afford to make payments until you have the physical funds to hand.

Commercial Property Loans

Commercial property loans are extremely popular with certain types of business which depend upon having a physical location.  Consider the following types of business who may need this type of loan:

  • Shop fronts and stores
  • Local services – hairdressing, auto repair, etc.
  • Offices and call centres
  • Financial services
  • Warehousing and shipping

While it’s getting more and trendier for firms to operate out of their own back bedroom, some firms and brands need that particular space or physical premises to be able to do their job well. 

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A commercial loan with a property in mind will allow you to take advantage of a short-term or long-term financial plan whereby you can seal in a property you feel is perfect and fund it completely up front. 

We will then be able to help you look at repayment schedules which you can feasibly stick to – meaning that, essentially, we find you the most practical means for you to borrow large amounts of capital at short notice.

Commercial Business Loans

Commercial business loans are recommended for new firms and seasoned traders alike.  Whether you are a limited company, a local firm near me or are operating completely on your own, a loan will give you greater power and access over a huge range of assets through which you can start to develop and improve your inner workings. 

Unfortunately, commercial success does, for the most part, depend on having money available.  This is why commercial business loans and commercial loans in general are so widely sought-after – as after a short consultation, you may be able to go away with a considerable chunk of money that can be used to seal in that dream premises or asset you’ve always needed.

Find out more about asset finance here: 

Commercial Loan Rates

Many people will be interested in looking into commercial loan rates before they get started with business financing.  This is only understandable, of course!  We aim to offer truly competitive rates of lending throughout our region and surrounding areas for businesses at each and every stage of their lifespan. 

You’ll need to look to nearby or local financial experts to get the most reasonable rates of borrowing and repayment – while it may be tempting to lead with a national brand or firm, it makes sense to go for that home-grown, ‘near me’ touch – we are a local firm and we understand that local businesses sometimes need that little bit of a helping hand to get to where they need to be. 

We’re here to support nearby and regional firms with loan rates and plans to benefit their businesses long-term.

Loans for Businesses

Loans for businesses don’t have to come with exorbitant terms and conditions attached.  Our commercial loans are easy to understand and are completely tailored to your short-term needs, your long-term plans and your ability to repay. 

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Ultimately, we will look closely at your firm and its prospects for the years to come and we will only ever line you up with a loan deal if we feel you are feasibly able to comfortably repay it.  There is little interest in our team ( offering you a loan you may not be able to repay! 

Therefore, you can always count on us to tailor you a loan deal you won’t feel worried about having to fund back.

Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial loan calculators are a great way to find out how much you could borrow and when you would be required to pay certain amounts of money back.  Rest assured, we will act as your own personal calculator – simply supply us with a handful of data and we will do the rest. 

Need to borrow for a shorthold at short notice?  Buying property at auction and need to bridge the gap?  We can help.  We’re your closest local allies in business financing bar none.

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