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Asset Finance for Print Equipment

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We are an asset finance company that offers finance solutions for the print industry.

We work with all kinds of print businesses, suppliers, vendors, and sole traders.

Whether it is a new or old machine, we offer you the printing equipment finance you require.

Contact our account manager today for all the finance options you may need for your print industry.


What Is Asset Finance for Printing Equipment?

Asset finance allows you to purchase equipment without paying the full amount for it upfront.

The business finance for printing equipment will therefore offer you the finance options and support you need for your business.

Printing equipment finance offers the opportunity to acquire and use the new equipment allows you to offer new and improved services to your customers, thus, increasing your print industry profits.

Our print specialists will also advise you on the best financial plan to take for your business's equipment finance.

The key difference between us and other businesses is that we are an authorised company in leasing and finance for UK businesses and all other businesses.

A quick way to find out about our financial services for new equipment finance, is to get in touch with us and find out more about us.

Types of Asset Finance for Printing Equipment

The printing business, like any other business, faces challenges.

Equipment finance allows businesses to invest in essential working capital; such as printing presses and cutting tables, while spreading the cost of new equipment.

Our flexible terms to pay the full cost of your loan allows you a workable operating lease that ensures your print industry continues.

There are various ways to acquire asset finance for your printing equipment.

The choice you make will depend on the following;

  • The refinance package

  • Resell value of the item

  • The structure of repayments you will use

  • The finance options you have

  • Business contracts user benefits

  • Finance lease efficiency

  • Capital allowances tax

  • Your capital investment plans

  • The cash reserves available

In this post, we will look at each type of finance and offer you insights that will guide you in choosing the best business finance for your product range.


Hire Purchase for the Print Industry

It involves paying the VAT and a deposit up-front. After that, you will have fixed monthly repayments.

We offer you tailor-made hire purchase plans that suit you.

Higher purchase interest will be charged at the end of the term. Thereafter, you can opt to purchase the asset outright.

The hire purchase method is the best choice for items like vehicles, commercial equipment, construction items, cut sheet toner machines, and all typical print assets that have a resell value and high residual value.

Benefits of Hire Purchase
  • Seasonability - we understand that there can be seasonal fluctuations in your cash flow, so we structure repayments and spread the cost for your convenience.

  • More time for repayment - we spread the cost over the asset seasonality.

  • Tax efficient - allows you to offset your hire purchase interest and charges against pre-tax profits.

  • You are in control of your assets - you are the asset owner for tax purposes and can claim capital allowances.

  • Reclaim VAT - you can reclaim vat on monthly payments.

Finance Lease

A finance lease plan involves acquiring hard or soft assets without incurring upfront payments.

If this is your finance agreement, we will lease the asset you need for an agreed rental period.

During this period, you must pay a given amount of money until you complete the finance agreement.

After making all the payments, you will reach the end of the primary lease term.

You can choose to enter into a secondary rental period, sell the asset and keep a portion of the income generated by the asset at the end of the refinance term or return the item to us.

Benefits of finance lease
  • Uninterrupted use of the asset spread the cost to your convenience.

  • You have the option to re-rent, purchase or return the item at the end of the term pay.

  • Reduced rental cost due to reduced percentage cost of the original capital cost off-balance sheet funding.

  • We offer you a cash injection that may not be available in other leasing agreements.

  • Releasing capital helps make quick decisions when negotiating business contracts.


Equipment Finance

An equipment finance plan occurs when you buy a high-cost item, like commercial equipment and cut sheet toner machines.

The agreement terms will depend on the length of time you stay with the item.

After we close the finance deal, we will offer you cash, equivalent to the invoice, to put back into business use.

You will be required to make fixed monthly payments, including interest.

Business Loans 

It involves borrowing money and repaying it in monthly instalments, including interest, over an agreed term pay.

Business loans provide finance that helps smooth out cash flow fluctuations and give businesses opportunities to use working capital they could not have afforded.

Loan Recoveries

Recovery of loans is a magnificent way of ensuring your business bounces back after uncertain times like pandemics and subsequent supply chain disruptions.

Recovery loans are advantageous for print equipment businesses and other high residual value assets because they ensure steady cash flow.

Start-up Loans

Start-up loans are the best for the new print industry because of the cash injection operating lease used to kick-start the business.

It helps you to focus on running your company without worrying about the lack of equipment, stock, or acquiring vehicles for the smooth running of the business.

Cash Injection Refinancing

There are cases where you may need quick cash to use on other assets. Refinancing or capital release enables you to access cash on your equipment from your existing balance sheet.

For example, the capital release can be used as a deposit on an item you urgently need.

Repayments for refinancing are calculated in line with the income stream that is normally generated by the asset's original purchase price.


Benefits of Financing Your Print Equipment With Us

There are many befits to choosing us as your asset finance partner.

They include:


Our set of payment plans and leasing agreements allows you to plan your finances and remove any doubts about insecurity.


Financing your printing machines enables you to upgrade your systems and have the current and best hardware to suit the job market.


Our asset finance for equipment offers you reasonable upfront charges when purchasing new machines.

Additionally, leasing your new print products offers you an opportunity to get the latest technology systems at an affordable cost.


We offer you a chance to spread the overall cost of your equipment throughout its working life span.

The duration ranges from three to five years, depending on your agreed structure of payments.


When you spread the cost over a set period, it allows you to grow your business with the extra funds you generate in the process. 


Uninterrupted use of the asset spread the cost further for your own comfort.

What Types of Commercial Printing Equipment Do We Finance?

We finance a wide range of printing equipment, including;

  • Printing equipment

  • Printing presses

  • Toners and cut sheet toner machines

  • Printers and photocopiers

  • Inkjet press

  • Large format printers

  • Cutting tables and guillotine

  • Print finishing equipment

  • Digital Finishing


The print industry is a profitable business if you apply the right rules.

With a reliable financial support system, you can get a good sale return on your print business and other assets.

It will also help you during seasonal fluctuations that are inevitable in any business.

This is where we come in.

Contact us today and benefit from our flexible payment structure in our wide product range. 

When you are choosing a finance provider, it's important to choose one that is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.


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