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Asset finance for 3D Printing

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The 3D printing and manufacturing industry involves a lot of cash flow management.

When it comes to equipment, finding good funding options to loan or buy an asset outright can make a huge difference in how effectively you can keep 3D printing products.

We can offer a range of business finance options to help you finance products that your business desperately needs, offering a quick turnaround.

If you are working in the additive manufacturing industry, then getting access to one more tool or piece of technology can be all you need to push your business to a new tier of growth. 

But why is an asset-based finance lease so useful, and how can it help small businesses get new equipment in a cost-effective and affordable way? 

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What is Asset Finance for 3D Printing?

An asset finance lease provides a way to break into the 3D printing market.

As one of the most popular methods of getting new 3D printing equipment, this leasing solution is a cost-effective form of rental agreement that spreads the full cost of the equipment across monthly rentals.

You can either focus on hire purchase options to get the latest 3D printing equipment (and other equipment) in the long term or finance company assets to purchase the 3D printer you need right away.

How Financing Business Equipment Works

When you finance products and existing assets to a leasing company, you are effectively releasing the residual value from items you already own. 

This can help you raise suitable payment for a large investment, such as trying to fund your first 3D printers or buying new-to-the-market printing technology.

Why Work With A Finance Company?

Turning to a finance and leasing company for these leasing solutions can offer your business a way to access money that is locked up in its existing systems and assets.

These companies can help you lease equipment that many businesses struggle to buy early in their lifetime.

Financing options are also a good option for new businesses in need of finance solutions, needing to fit within a operating budget.

Financing Solutions for 3D Printers

Funding 3D printing technology is relatively easy, but there are multiple finance options to consider.

Each one can be flexible and assist you as a purchase or rental solution, but companies need to choose the most affordable and reliable option for their specific needs; such as monthly repayments or a longer leasing period.

Hire Purchase for 3D Printing Equipment

Hire purchase makes it easy to gather the equipment you need with a single payment. 

After this initial deposit, the hire purchase agreement lets you spread the rest of the money across monthly payments until you have paid off the full value of your purchase.

If the value is fully paid at the end of the hire purchase, then you own the item.

This means that you make a purchase with all the benefits of a long-term lease, making it easier for a business with a stable but slow-growth cash flow.


Asset Refinance/Finance Lease Agreement for 3D Printer

Refinancing allows you to release the value of your existing items based on how much they are worth at that specific moment.

By selling old/ new assets to another company for their current market value, you can get instant access to the cash you need and can then re-acquire your old items under a new financing arrangement later on.

You generally still retain full use of your old equipment during the process.

This allows you to "sell" a 3D printer to buy another but still use both 3D printers unless you fail to pay back the funding for the sold item before its due date.

Operating Lease for New Equipment

An operating lease is a simple business lease, where you are leasing the equipment for as long as you need it. 

Repayments can be made to fit your operating budget.

This leasing option is great for any short-term rental where you know you will not need the equipment in the future or do not plan on using it for more than a few months.

What is the Interest Rate on 3D Printing Finance?

Interest rates for 3D printing equipment can range anywhere from 2% to 20%, depending on the 3D printing equipment leasing company you are working with.

Note that interest rates can vary heavily for many reasons, including the amount of working capital you need and whether or not that company tries to offer fair interest to its customers.

This means that each company will offer a different agreement over an agreed term.

The interest rate also increases as the cost increases.

This means that higher-cost leases are naturally going to have higher interest costs per percent than a cheaper option.

What Impacts Your Available Finance Options?

The risk your financing business equipment goals pose to a company can be the biggest reason why some finance options may not be available. 

Some finance options may require a credit approval check before you can finance or start leasing any equipment.

While this does not always matter with asset refinancing, 3D printing equipment can be expensive, and businesses want to know that you can pay the costs and interest back so that they can turn a profit.

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Benefits of 3D Printer Finance Lease

Financing your 3D printing equipment to raise more working capital can have a range of core benefits, including:

Cash Flow Improvements

This method of leasing and funding your business 3D printer allows you to spread more of your money to other areas of your business rather than having to commit a lot of your business funds to a single sector or piece of technology.

Due to this, your cash flow is often a lot healthier, which can be invaluable for a new and/or small business with not much cash to spare and a heavy reliance on day-to-day profits.

Alternative Funding

If you want your business to remain flexible, then these solutions can let you spread your leasing options across multiple banks or companies. 

This makes it easy to pay either back without racking up high costs at a single leasing company.

Tax Efficiency

Rental agreements include VAT in the rental, which can be far more tax efficient in the long term. 

This also makes it slightly easier to pay with VAT included, making it less likely to pay the wrong amount and get your business investigated or warned by the government.

3D Printers we can Finance

We can finance equipment from a huge comprehensive range of manufacturers, including (but not limited to):

  • Zortrax

  • XJet 3D

  • Xact Metal

  • Velo3D

  • Ultimaker



  • Stratasys

  • SPEE3D

  • SLM Solutions

  • Sisma

  • Shining 3D

  • Renishaw

  • Rapidia

  • Raise3D

  • Photocentric

  • MarkForged

  • MakerBot

  • GE Additive

  • Formalloy

  • Flashforge

  • EOS

  • Digital Metal

  • Desktop Metal

  • Cubicon

  • Coherent CREATOR

  • Builder

  • Additec ╬╝Printer

  • 3D Systems


What Type of Asset is a Printer?

Printers are fixed assets - they are used as part of business operations and can depreciate in cost over time.

This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the printers you own and/or want to lease.

How Long Can I Lease 3D Printers for?

Most printer lease deals last for around 3-5 years in total. However, most companies are flexible - we can offer anything from 1-5 years and will consider entirely bespoke lease arrangements if absolutely necessary.

Can I Upgrade my 3D Printer During the Lease Agreement?

If your printer is outdated in recent years, or you need something more powerful for particular tasks, then we can arrange to have your printer upgraded as part of a refreshed lease.


Our leasing arrangements are meant to be tailored to each customer's needs, and that means working with every client carefully.

We can provide dedicated 3D printer leasing solutions for your business sector and niche.

Contact us if you want to know more about the kind of cost-effective options we can offer your business.


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