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Asset Finance for Marine & Aviation

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The marine and aviation industries often require a great deal of finance.

We are a leading company in the market and have worked with several companies in the UK.

We can help raise finance for private and commercial clients in aviation and marine industries.

Our experts are highly skilled in offering you only the best asset finance agreement plans suitable for you.

Our experienced team will analyse your business's health and possessions list and help you secure the best possible funding for your business or even private individuals.

Speak to our marine and aviation industry experts to get the advice you need to help your corporation grow.


What is Asset Finance for Aviation & Marine Businesses?

Asset finance for aviation and marine businesses is financing that companies can use to acquire mandatory equipment for the functioning of the businesses, such as aircraft tools or boats.

This financing allows you to pay a fixed amount over an agreed time with the lenders.

Instead of paying the entire cost of a boat or aircraft, you will pay a reduced amount over a few years.

Marine Finance

Don't miss out on a chance to grow your marine company.

Secure flexible marine finance options with us today!

How does Marine Finance Work?

Marine loans have a defined loan amount you pay over a predetermined time, plus payment of added interest.

Financial institutions, boat vendors, and marine finance institutions all offer marine finance.

Our marine finance process will need you to apply with a lender, and they will request some information from you.

Our specialist teams will then do a background check of your company and sometimes your personal background check too.

If you are approved, the lender will offer you payment options that you can choose from.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our experienced specialists, and they will do all the heavy work for you.

There are many lenders, we will look at your company and business needs and offer you flexible finance options based of our extensive experience in finance leasing.

What Marine Products Can be Financed?

Our marine funding packages will cover the following marine products:

  • Survey vessels

  • Ferries

  • Wind farm boats

  • Cargo ships

  • Sailing yachts

  • Workboats

  • Support and supply craft

  • Hire boat fleets

  • Coastal ships

  • Tugs and barges

  • Leisure and commercial vessels

These are marine products that you can finance from lenders in the UK.

Let us know which products you are interested in, and we will help you acquire the funding required for those products.

Allow our aviation and marine specialists to find the best funding packages for your company.

We have extensive experience and we only work with legit and reliable lenders that will provide you with suitable funding packages designed just for you.

We have extensive experience in the leasing industry.

Contact us today for independent financial advice.


Aviation Finance

Aviation finance can be mandatory as capital can be quite costly, and a wide range of products can be quite expensive.

Running an aviation company will need you to find funding to operate smoothly.

Ensure that you have aircraft and other aviation tools before starting your company, and the correct finance for you to avoid aircraft repossessions.

How does Aviation Finance Work?

If you require aviation finance, you must find a specialist lender. Fortunately, we at Strategic

Business Finance work with professional lenders, and we can help you find aviation specialists for your company.

The aviation sector requires well-thought-out and planned business plans; thus, applying for financing can be difficult.

We will offer you a flexible approach to securing funding for your company.

We will also work with your specialist lender to get you the best financing package.

Furthermore, we will look at your projected use and maintenance cycle of the aircraft as well as your cash flow needs so we can provide you with a customised and secure finance solution that will help you expand your business.

What Aviation Products Can be Financed?

Find out what aviation products can be financed below:

  • Fixed-wing aircraft

  • Private business jets

  • Rotary wing aircraft

  • Ground handling equipment

  • Simulators

  • UK registered aircrafts

These are the aviation products that we offer finance on.

Contact our specialist teams today to find out which funding package would be best for you, and we will be sure to provide you with the most suitable offer.

Asset Finance Options for the Marine & Aviation Industry

Not having enough funds to purchase your leisure and commercial vessels or aircraft should not be in the way of growing your business.

You can receive financing for these sectors through a simple and speedy process.

Our process does not take long, and our finance options are designed to suit your personal needs or the state of your business.

Contact us today to speak to an appointed representative and receive the best finance solutions.

There are numerous ways of using financing to buy the resources you need for your company.

Here are some of your financing options.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase allows you to buy new assets and spread the expense over a few years.

The assets are purchased using monthly instalments, and as soon as the outstanding balance is paid off, you are granted full ownership of the products.

Since you own the item, you are also liable for any maintenance and insurance charges.

The item will also display on your balance sheets when you pay for it monthly.


Equipment Leasing

When leasing a private jet or commercial vessel, the lender purchases the necessary tools and then rents them to you.

You then need to pay a small portion of the total cost upfront, and you can get the tools immediately.

Upon expiration of the lease, you have a few options to deal with the leased tools.

You can keep leasing it, pay a set fee to buy it outright, or switch to a new piece of equipment on a fresh lease.

You can also return the item if you don't want to pursue any of these options.

Finance Leases and Capital Leases

These are longer-term leases intended to cover the majority of the useful life of the valuables.

Although you have full access to the object and have paid its entire value over some time, you don't own it; thus, it does not appear on your balance sheet.

This implies that you might be able to deduct rental expenses from profits and claim VAT.

Your specific circumstances will determine how tax-efficient this is.

Operating Leases and Contract Hire

An operating lease is a contract with a predetermined duration in which the lease company typically handles maintenance instead of you. Operating leases reflect on your balance sheet (possibility of tax benefits).

These are more reasonable than other options.

What are the Benefits of Asset Finance in the Marine & Aviation Industry?

Financing in the aviation and marine sectors can help build your profitable corporation.

Here is what you can benefit from receiving financing for your aviation or marine company:

  • The financial institution is typically responsible for the cost of upkeep.

  • Affordability.

  • Low or no upfront costs for purchasing expensive items.

  • Frees up funds to be used in other areas of your company.

  • If an item malfunctions while it is being rented out or financed under certain types of financing, the supplier is required to replace it.

  • No additional security is required. The equipment is used as security.

  • Property depreciation may be the responsibility of the credit provider.

There are many benefits of acquiring financing in the aviation and marine sectors.

You can secure a business jet or pre-owned aircraft to build your business.

Also, receive leisure and commercial vessels, and we can assist you in raising finance while using your assets as security.

Speak to one of our dedicated marine or aviation experienced team members who have extensive knowledge of these industries, and they will be happy to assist you with finding financing.


What is a Chattel Mortgage?

A Chattel Mortgage is the term used to describe asset-based lending on moveable products. It is a financing arrangement in which the finance provider accepts the funded assets as collateral for the mortgage.


The aviation and marine industries are important in our world. Acquiring financing for new or existing commercial aircraft/ private aircraft or commercial vessels can help you boost your company.

A wide range of lenders are available in this market, and we are dedicated to helping you grow your company.

When you are choosing a finance provider, it's important to choose one that is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority


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